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Stupid Scorpi updatePosted by Victini Vids 2014-12-05

One day, I noticed how this app was updated to the Scorpi version, and how I never played since series 1, So I played, I noted how there was now a video button to play the videos you earned, so I pressed it- all it did was mute the menu, At least, That what I thought- When I pressed "play", It was stuck on a black screen saying "advertise" or somting, with a pic of Mixels above and 2 buttons, I pressed them, and nothing happend, So I restared the app, Luckly, I didn't press the video button, straight onto the play button (a little disapointed that I could never watch the earned videos on my good tablet wich everything works good on), And it kinda worked, I saw my Infernite base was under attack, so I fought back with my normal Infernite team (I never use any other Mixels, I think Infernites are the best Mixel tribe), I did a max, defened real well- However Flain did "faint" and Vulk and Zorch were very weak, The game was "half-frozen" after a fair-and-square victory, So I looked around with the weakened Vulk and Zorch- Not a Nixel in sight! So I went to a spot where a Nixel could be hiding, and I tried to attack- Nothing, Please fix this or I will uninstall!

Cool but some bugsPosted by Summer LaRose 2014-04-10

The game runs fine on Nexus 10 but there is some bug where a character stops responding to commands and just stands there not letting me do anything and it is annoying me pretty bad. I end up having to quit out because that last creature just stands there and won't move or fight or anything. I'm not sure if it has to do with my other characters dying or the use of a certain skill that triggers the bug but it's sooooo annoying :P The game plays like a strategy RPG for part of it, with some base defense against npcs as well for another part. You can enter codes from packs of these toys you buy in stores but I don't know what that gives you yet. You earn cubits in game but can buy extra if you don't feel like taking time to earn them.

DeshQun tomikeyes《★》《☆》GOLDPosted by Cf W 2016-06-25

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Posted by Sherif Badran 2016-09-06

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OpPosted by Point Point 2016-08-21

Emily and the morning so I'm gonna have been extremely important thing is that you can get the morning so I'm gonna have to be there at the things you can sign in you and the things you've had been watching Marcos the morning, but I'm gonna have to be there at the things you can sign in to rate is is why I don't think it's a big fan, but I'm gonna have to be there at the things you can sign up you and the first one was in a big fan, but I'm gonna have to be there at the things you can sign in to rate is is

Nice overall, but some issues. Thank you for your time and considerationPosted by Javonte Parker 2014-09-02

I love the game, and it has a amazing graphics and features; I especially like the nixels hitting the screen, the murp sound effect, the less frequent nixel attacks, and the nixel counter. However, I have noticed that - at least for my device - characters like teslo, slumbo, zorch, the flexors max, and balk do their standard attack animations, but don't actually deal damage. Gobba's first special move is also buggy. I'd also like the glitch where major nixel sometimes stays in the air fixed, if possible.

This game has taken the horrible concept of a game sending system messages to new levels of aggravatPosted by Hal Eagar 2014-07-10

The game play gets dull defending your bases. None the less my 7 yr old son liked it. But new update has so many new bugs its unplayable. Floating untouchanle majors? While other games that message you 1-2 times a day are already annoying this title is over the top sending as many as 10 an hour. Character touch area is now so big you can't touch the froubd to move your characters in battles and frequent collision detection errors traps characters in environment so buggy. Is it tested?

Cheating pay to playPosted by Jeff Arnold 2014-08-02

The game its self is very good but when your base is under attack ,if you don't have enough mixing blocks it want let you get into you base so you can't get anymore mixing blocks to play any more levels!?! Your stuck. So you need to spend real money to get the blocks to go any further! I plaid for this game for my son and his very disappointed and I feel cheated . if you want people to pay to play don't charge for the game. I want a full refund or I will be taking the mater further!

Waste game ever seenPosted by srinikesh gaddam 2016-07-17

I cant download it I have waited till 100% I started reading reviews when i saw it it said its downloading· but when I saw it was not downloaded waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste game I did not wanted to give stars but in forced me·

A Great gamePosted by Yummyjuice16 is back 2014-11-05

This is a great boredom buster and also a great game if you're a mixels fan. Two problems though, the first problem is that you can't select a mixel when your mixing, and the second problem is that Mixels get stuck in one place when following your other mixels, and when fighting Major Nixel, he gets stuck in the air. The good thing about this game are the music, gameplay, and graphics. This game luckily gets a five stars. Hopefully you guys will fix the bugs.

Good but too many notificationsPosted by Stoked Steve 2016-07-05

Great game with great structure but you still need to add the other mixels like the ones on the moon etc... it's also pretty fun to play but I mean like seriously though it wastes my time when I haven't played for while because it spams notifications like heck I was playing yesterday and I come back the next afternoon and there are about 25 notifications about mixels attacking my base fix the notifications please and I will rate better I know it's

Mix!Posted by Nicholas Folis 2016-07-17

The most amazing game I ever played in ages! Also, please see if you can make one last minute update concerning about Vulk, Zorch, Volectro, and Teslo upset cutscenes. And please also see if you can add an extra cutscene for unlocking every of the 26 captured mixels. Thanks for the attention and appreciation CN and keep up the good work! And thank you so much for making such a colorful creative amazing super great Mixel game!!!!

Good game, but its all a trickPosted by Lucas Gramajo 2014-08-30

So I bought this game for my son. It was one dollar so I can't complain. The problem is after he played for a couple of hours, he couldn't play the game anymore unless he bought more 'cubits'. I found that rather scummy, specially after I paid for the app a couple of hours before. I think its OK to offer shortcuts for money, but rendering the game useless out of the blue and forcing me to pay to keep on playing is not good.

Calling all mixelsPosted by Dhana Jacobs 2016-07-28

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it

don't believe the bad reviewsPosted by daimonion sankaita 2014-08-23

Well yes you can pay to get more of the ingame currency if you upgrade your first base when you start the game you can easily get 60 every two hours I've been playing for 3 hours and have yet to buy or need anything extra the game is basically baby's first RTS game but still very fun I haven't completed any world but as of yet I don't see where you need to pay to play so if the game is on so it's a definite buy

Stupid and a virus to man kindPosted by Tadiwa Chibvamushure 2015-05-17

It is always not working all it does it takes me to the hom screen and when i try to play the first level it loads then starts to go black and then force stops the game and for all those people who try to warn you listen because it is a waste of money the game has a lot of bugs that can not be fixed so i wasted R46,86 for nothing so if you dont listen and you download the game dont say we dident warn you

Add more elementsPosted by Geramiah Billings 2015-11-23

Like light and dark,animal,nature,undead,weather,rubber, shape shift,legendary, or to make it fun virus,bug,ninja,ghost,angel,demon, mythical, even a god would be awesome your biggest fan Phoenix hopefully you get this message thank you so much for making this game it makes me so happy thanks again for your hard work making this game I will always be your biggest fan of mixel, Thank you.

Samsung galaxy. S3Posted by Roni Williams 2014-06-20

My nephew was so happy when when I put this game on my phone because he sees it on tv all the time but he was very upset when the game kept freezing and kicking him out So I had to make him cry when I told him I might have to take the game off SOOO IF YOU COULD PlEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS AND MAKE A SAD BOY HAPPY AGAIN I'D BE SO THANKFUL truly with love ♡ ANT:)

Great game let down...Posted by Sophie King 2015-03-23

This is a great game but it's let down by the 'nixel attacks' while the game is not being played. I got this game for my son on my phone and he's not allowed to play it loads which is to the detriment of his hard work of earning cubits! I'm tempted to remove the game from my phone because of this! An option to turn off the random attacks would be beneficial!

Extra payment wanted to continue the game.Posted by Ben Thorley 2014-09-15

After my son (5)had played the game for about 2 hours he reached the stage where he could not continiue unless more cubit were bought (with real money). I except the game has the option of in app purchase, however they should not be compulsary to continue. Not very child friendly for game that should be aimed at children, not their parents wallets.

Erase bugPosted by Owen Evans 2015-12-23

Everything goes smoothly for a few weeks but then it erases everything i even got up to the final level and erased it and it took me 1 hour to get through a quarter of it and that equels 4 hours pls fix otherwise ill make to 1 star what do u have to say to that also i love mixels and then u create a stupid game its a little bit laggy aswell

Scam! Waste of $4!!Posted by Stephen Harrison 2014-05-06

Tried to download it and got an error. So, I refunded my money and restarted my phone. I tried to install it again and it worked after that. However the game was really boring but worse so, rather buggy. I went to refund my money, it wouldn't let me!! Huge waste of money. UPDATE: emailed various times about a refund, no response. Scammers.

Posted by Jon Holzworth 2015-04-14

Can someone please explain why I need 15 cubits in order to get the 60 cubits collected at my infernite base? To sum up, i only have 7 cubits. I have a notice that I have 60 cubits collected at my infernite base. But, its going to cost me 15 cubits to "play" the infernite base. I will not buy any cubits. Someone please help.

Way too many issues!Posted by Chelsea Gilligan 2014-08-28

My 7 year old loves this game, but some of the levels are so complicated that I can't even beat them. It's constantly resetting and and the characters/ game will freeze and there is nothing you can do but reset the game, losing all your progress. If it weren't for all the issues I would give it 5 stars, because it is a fun game.

GOOOODPosted by Brandon Abarca 2016-07-28

It is a good and relaxing game that seems to not use as much cubits (money )than other games. But there are some problems that characters go off screen and you have no choice but to restart the level it gets annoying but is easy to fix.I thought it was well done and is worth it if it is free which at this point is free.

VirusPosted by DatCheesyGamer Animations 2014-12-30

My antivirus scanned it and it was a virus. What it does is randomly sends you to the play store and tries to get you to buy dating apps. Very embarrassing when my friend played on my tablet and it tried to get me to buy a dating app:-( :-( :-( :-( :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Mix mixPosted by m ishfaq 2016-09-07

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Can't get game to workPosted by A Google User 2014-11-04

I just paid to download this game for my nephew and it won't even open. It just says it'd not working and closes out. What the heck?! Can I please get my,money back for this game. I CANNOT get this game to work at all. My nephew hasn't even been able to play it at all since I downloaded it for him almost a week ago

HalloPosted by 2016-12-29

If you know mixuls rush tell them that l cryed 1 hour because that it was in my country dad didn't want to go another country dad didn't want to go another country if his work told him that he will go another country without my tablet or mobile thanks for your power every body like mixuls calling all mixuls

MemmoryPosted by Junglim Kim 2014-07-03

I dont have enough memorry to play it so if you could make it so you have less memmory needed thanks and also here are so e request there would be like a shop button to upgrade yoj crew size and make it so adding more space would cost a lot of cubits hope its in a update thanks for reading

Real hated it!Posted by SambyGabriel Bugayong 2015-08-30

Geez i want refund cus i played all levels on infernite to the electric world then i 3 stared it all and i dont know how to get the other mixels anymore cus i need it in the safe but how do i get that (mixel) geez...this game is a waste of money READ THE COMMENTS BEFORE YOU PAY PEOPLE!!!!

Wahoo!Posted by Zoe Holcomb 2015-04-16

I think the game's rad-fun, fabulous, and everything in between! It bugs once in a while, but I don't care. By the way, I heared they're making a new game for season 2... But you didn't get that from me. Awesome cutscenes, too- I like the look on Zorch's face in Meet The Infernites. :-)

OMFG IDK HOW BUTPosted by Basel Tamem Sakr 2016-06-17


get itPosted by HEATHER LORIMER 2016-01-23

Listen people who are wanting to play this and who have already played it I got to the last land and have every mixel I want to tell you people that that the whole game is possible you guys aren't trying hard enough so get it its fun, unique, and amazing

I cantPosted by Bailey Maher 2016-06-30

I cant download the game i is realy annyning so i might change the coment if i can download it and it takes ages to download so if yours dose not download make a bad comet and when you click the message it said the right but the download said it wrong

AwesomePosted by Boycat Mixels, Games, and more! 2014-11-09

I love mixels as a show, as a game, as legos, as EVERYTHING! I just can't stop loving mixels, although there may be a few bugs people mention but, I got this and I'm never getting rid of it. Sometimes its a little fun to restart every once in a while.

GUYS IT WILL NOT LET ME INPosted by Cathy Marthers 2016-04-11

I love mixels in all but it will not let me in after the flain part I am 8 and it glitches ME BACK TO MY HOMESCREEN IF U CAN'TFIX IT I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I USED ALL MY OWN MONEY. ON A GOOGLE PLAY CARD IM ONLY 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IAP has no place in a $4 gamePosted by Tabla Lettuciao 2014-05-18

Game itself is pretty good, but in-app purchases have no place in a $4 kids game. Shame on me for not reading the IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS but shame on you, Cartoon Network, for trying to reach in my pocket after I already gave you money.

Not That GoodPosted by Nicholas Medina 2014-11-27

It's annoying that you have to go back and forth between the worlds. All you do are missions, save mixels, and defeat nixels. It's not that much fun. And you can't get a refund if you want to uninstall it. It's a waste of money and time.

Horrible!Posted by John Cox 2015-07-15

My son has gotten stuck three times now on different devices and gotten stuck with his mixels or whatever they are called, because they are the wrong combination to unlock any gates now, I highly recommend not getting this rubbish!!!

The best Mixels game, and please update the game for rescuing more mixelsPosted by Charly 2016-08-12

This game is way too incredible for me. Awesome graphics and music, but there are new mixels that you didn't mention about. Can you update this game featuring all the mixels so far? Thanks for making such a great game like this one.

It's a great game but don't pay for the game go to the chromePosted by Ahmed Abd Ellatif 2016-08-08

Those people who made this great game dizerv 5 stars, go to the chrome and write cartoon network games and press on cartoon network games like Ben 10 .......then search for mobile apps then search for the game and will find it free

Mix!Posted by Laura Gamil 2017-01-09

wow!this game is the best game i played ever and i know many games but this is the best game but it takes a lot time to download if you know minecraft read this this game is better than minecraft

Simply amazing and incredible!Posted by masterofinfinity479 2016-02-16

The Mixels are truly unique creatures, and I love mixing things for special creations. Also I like how you get more cubits without having to pay money (if you're patient), and the codes that come with the LEGO sets really help.

MixelsPosted by Bonze The Horss 2014-08-12


I LOVED ITPosted by Diana Torres 2014-09-27

Right now I'm 10 years old my bigger sister is Diana,the game was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes their was some poblams,but I would give it 1,000,000,000 stars!!I LOVE LEGO MIXELS!!!!And The Game Calling All Mixels!!

This game are really awesome!!!!Posted by Liezel Maceda 2016-07-24

This is an rpg,made from the cartoon network to save all mixels and defeat the madness of mixes,that reminds me that this can be have an internet money so paidfull the cartoon network is.Download this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeps freezingPosted by David Hammond 2014-07-09

Please fix my son is so upset this game isn't working. So even after the most recent update this app still freezes. Please refund me. My son is so sad this won't work. I hope you don't ever have to deal with a crying child.

Add more mixelsPosted by Cody Childers 2016-03-24

The people who made the game should add all the new series of mixels to the game so you can have more land's, mixels,and more fun than ever before in the game add every series of mixels and I'll give the game 5 stars

Can't download very frustratingPosted by Ryder A 2015-01-02

I've tried to download this app for my son several times today. Just before it's complete it informs that it can not be added to USB or SD storage. The purchase was made today and I cannot get the refund! Please help

WooPosted by Jamie Yadouga currie 2016-07-13


Best game ever and its freePosted by Arturo Aranda 2016-07-08

This game is awsome and its my favorait tv show and i wish add like all the mixels pls and that will be cool download this on iphone its free on iphone i pad and other big devices are not only iphones best game ever

This is amazingPosted by colodif the minecraft player or tmp 2016-06-28

Thank you for the creator of this game this is amazing thank you all thia time qlso try to download this game for free but did not work but now its free i tried asking my dad but now but its free thank you i love it

Why Why....WHY!!!Posted by Drew Rags 2016-07-07

I used to play this all the time but it was one problem... I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR TWO FREAKING YEARS FOR AN UPDATE. there wasn't even a fixing update. couple words to describe this game.....USELESS PIECE OF CRAP!

Posted by Lovelynne Manalo 2014-06-22

I want a refund!.. its been two days i've waited but the downloading process still additional file... already deleted files for big space for this apps.. can you fix these prob or canyou give me other infos?

Posted by sharon chambers 2015-02-28

this is really fun I love this game love love love it I just can't wait for the new ones to come out! then this can be a whole lot better, literally and I like mixels more than anybody in the whole world!

The MajorPosted by Ron Reiniel Viray 2016-06-28

Dear CN, I was playing this and it was so good game but the Major is floating I don't know why? Pls fix it all effort will be lost.

Will not playPosted by Laurie Carter 2014-06-13

Frustrating for grandsons that want to play since it is advertised on every break on cartoon network! Can't even get into the game to play.Have uninstalled twice and loaded still same problems!Please fix

Posted by Melanie McClarren 2016-01-03

Lil violence and even time you beat the genealogy he pussys out so you can't fight but u can't go anywhere till he is beaten so you got to log off and get back on then it just might let you beat him

I like the game until it...Posted by Matthew Kiefer 2014-06-14

I like the game until it turns to a black screen and shuts down and when it keeps having something pop up on my screen saying (the infernites base is under attack) other then that it's a great game!

FantasticPosted by M Ahmad 2016-06-20

Thank you for putting it free on play store I love you all to make this game The game is really funny and realistic . My son has played this game for the first time and loved it a lot Thank you all

Posted by Gabriel Fontana 2016-04-03

This game is good. But make a new update which adds series 4 and 5 mixels, which their tribes are glowkies, infernites#2, and orbitons, and the series 5 ones are lixers, frosticons#2 and klinkers

I love mixelsPosted by Faith Adewole 2016-08-09

It is fun to play I loved it I don't yousely play this kind games so it was intrestin I hope you guys love this game too like I did who ever made this game must like to whach mixels just like me

Help ASAPPosted by Ahmed Sherif 2015-08-16

I purchased the game almost a week ago but it couldn't be downloaded and I sent a lot of emails to the developers but no answer. I tried everything to download it what can I do? Please help game

Arggghhhh!!!Posted by Alias Che Abdullah 2016-07-06

The first time i downloaded this game was so frustrating because while the download is complete it starts the download all over again and it takes forever please fix bugs in the game please tq

Not able to refundPosted by Nigel Selena 2016-01-02

We just bought this game 3 minutes ago and it was over 700 mb to download so we cancelled the download and asked for refund.but its saying we cannot refund. please refund. its a lot of money.

Great as a matter of fact fantasticPosted by Zayd Pasha 2016-09-07

Good I just wish it had more miles plz make more like the shrinksters and they have shrinking powers plz I love the mixels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz do this plz plz plzzzzzz

Battling SystemPosted by Zer0King 0o0 2016-06-26

I really like this game but the battling system sucks because you have to target them 1 by 1. Well, you can tap & hold but the range guy is gonna be in the middle of the battlefield

CrashesPosted by Beau Holden 2014-12-24

I read the reviews and it seems like the programmers where drunk when they made this game. Horrible, my son is sooo disappointed that it crashes. Thanks for making my kid cry gerks!!!

Super funPosted by Lapis Lazuli fan 2016-06-26

This game is super fun , I have all the mixels avaleble and unlocked all the mixes and maxes avaleble! Now I am working on geting all the stars at every level ! 10/10 in my book ;)

Posted by Alison Mcmorrow 2014-06-28

Game will not work. Keeps freezing just after welcome screen. Developer will not respond to emails where I have requested refund. Will not purchase from this developer again :-(

It will be never downloadPosted by 2016-08-29

I was download it no wit exe I hate if all I cut it a one star bat it will never download me all?! Lol bat is it I quit of defense I will fit it one star game I hate you game

DON'T PAY FOR THIS!Posted by 2015-03-26

Twice now my son has played this game, got more mixels, and then it's frozen and erased all his effort. And on top of that, the developers don't respond to emails about this.

Very buggyPosted by Ford Davis 2015-05-21

I installed this game yesterday and my son managed to rescue several mixes. When we tried to play today, the game had reset for some reason and all his progress was lost.

Glad that it became freePosted by Hayyan baig 2016-07-16

In the older version,you had to pay for this game. I was a kid so I couldn't add a debit or credit card. But when it became free i was so happy. Thanks for the update!

Calling all mixelsPosted by Syeeda Asra 2016-03-04

This a money wasting game , I paid money to download then game not downloaded even after 5 times trial so do not pay for that game I am giving attention to all users

IT STIIIIIIINKSPosted by Sir Ulrich 2015-08-15

I tried to download it but kept saying error could not download calling all mixels. Don't waste your time with this game, its HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An epic game :)Posted by Mary Flores 2015-01-01

It's more cooler than it looks but when u are lowb on cubits u can't play the levels and when those son of guns attack your cubit collectors u can't collect cubits :(

LG phone;Posted by John Rene 2014-08-24

it keeps on lagging and leaving so please and i'm begging you fix it. But it is still awsome!!! :). i dont think its fix -_- and no wits getting worse

Posted by derek turnbow 2016-08-12

I love this game it is so amazing I love the Mixels they're my favorite games can you guys make more of these on my new phone please and thank you I would love that

OkPosted by Mark Green 2014-10-24

I dont understand why games are made so you cant turn off notifications. I dont want notifications as I want to play the game when I want, not when it buzzes at me.

Mix!Posted by Elijah Anderson 2014-09-11

I love this game and finally unlocked all the mixels but sometimes major nixel stays in the air and you have to restart. Also, the videos stopped working for me.

It is greatPosted by Ahmed Salama 2016-07-23

But i want to make wrath of psychopes free like this game and please to make the other games from cartoon network free why all the best games must be with money

By Ethan .J.Joseph onlyPosted by Reshma Rajan 2016-07-23

It is a good game and funny game I like the game it is my favourite game that I never played in the world the best game it is a 5 rate game thank you very much

AwesomePosted by noah Hutchison 2014-06-25

Best game ever sense I saw it on TV I wanted a mixels game so now I am so happy to have this game there is no glitch best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AwesomerPosted by Glory Okoro 2015-03-16

This game is so great and is a great boredom buster and is very fun when you get all the mixes mixels and all of the mixel's powers and I have a lot of fun.

Calling All MixelsPosted by Ann Burdeshaw 2014-07-19

DO NOT BUY!!!! This version crashes immediately! Terrible update! Can we get a refund and compensation for wasted time loading, installing and uninstalling?

MaughamPosted by Teekah Graham 2016-07-30

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Not working!!!!Posted by kody miller 2016-07-07

Hi I need help Everytime I start the first level it closes out and I hope that you can fix the bugs because it has been a while and I want to play it again

NOT installingPosted by hendry steven 2016-07-16

Hnisbsjwe sujjķwkakanKanjananwjwnjwnwjnsksnjbibibjbjjjjjjsnnsk1jksnskwn will not install so dont get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calling All MixelsPosted by Young Nova 2016-06-26

I like this game fighting Nixels finding Mixels and the bosses this is a super game if you plan on the phone it won't glitch that much on the computer

Terrible wastePosted by Lauren S 2014-12-28

Cannot see the game at all, so I paid 4 bucks for a cheesy video and the game sounds? Definitely getting a refund. Not worth it on android at all...

I like the game really fun too BUTPosted by Cory Groff 2016-06-29

Make card wars free PLEASE!!!!I heard it's really fun I'm only 11 and I had the chance to play it on my friend phone and it was the best so please?

5 star high 5Posted by Stephen Brown 2016-07-04

I thought its realy fun no problems I hope you put in season 4 so far ive colected every mixel lego set I love this game. From: your biggest fan.

GamePosted by Nusrat Ali 2016-07-02

I have watched the cartoons of it but now I can EVEN play it at first I saw this game I was byebal and now IT IS FREEEEEE so rate it 5 stars *****

It sucksPosted by Dan Avakian 2015-07-05

I want my mony back cartoon network and if you dont i will track you down and punch every one at the cartoon network compeny and slap your faces

Samsung galaxy S7Posted by Kareem for everything information 2016-07-15

Very very good app now I can mix Mixels I can open alot of mixels with this app I really love it so so much I play it all the time thanks/$#@!

OMGPosted by Samsung Samsung 2016-07-07

When it apeared on tvs i tried to downlownd but it costs real money but now i see it until this day i look again then it came free wooohooo!!!

Best time killerPosted by thegoldminecart /ZiadTDM 2016-06-22

I can't describe how amazing is this game download it good graphics and 3D design is so good download it if you can't download it from aptoide

great but when does series 4-6 come in?Posted by Jacob Meditz 2015-10-10

ok you guys think just to have a mixels game up to date you want people to pay 3 MORE dollars instead of updating a game people already bought

Calling all MixelsPosted by Caroline Temple-Bird 2015-08-07

I have paid for this but it won't install. It says there is not enough storage space although I have masses. What do I do now? !

Why :-( :-(Posted by Gaming Central JR. 2014-05-22

The game crashes on my s3 and I spent my money on this game please fix please please please please please please please. I realy want to play

Some IssuesPosted by ScoutSniper43 Devon Wilson 2014-09-20

My Characters Glomp,Seismo,and Shuff Are Good But Every Time I Try To Change Glomp,Seismo,and Shuff The Game Is Not Responding Please Fix It

AngryPosted by operator 126 2014-04-17

I downloaded this for my son on my galaxy s3 and it WONT work!!! I hope it starts soon since I paid $4 bucks for it or I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Don't agreePosted by Hung Dinh 2016-06-24

I think this is free because they didn't agree with the other people so in apple ipad it cost money to download this but samsung It didn't.

A lot of glitchPosted by Fabio Moffat-rolfi 2015-06-04

When I play the game most the time I find that one of my models can't move , the middle don't fight or the screen gets stuck please fix it

Kyocera XtrmPosted by Christoffer Hopper 2014-07-31

Support is nonexistent, developer does not answer emails. Game crashes after a few seconds. I'm going to dispute my payment with the bank.

Nice game with big problemsPosted by Georgescu Razvan Andrei 2014-07-07

Kid loves it, but freezes kill it. It may look great, but sice it freezes every time at some point, it makes the kids hate it, in the end.

Posted by Ivan Tanev 2014-08-13

Calling all mixels is awesome! I had a little problems at the begining but then i restarted the tablet and now it runs smoothly and cool!

Best app ever!!!Posted by ThatGreenSwagGuy 2016-07-25

I love this app! It gives me some Lego instructions on how to build mixes and mixes! Thank you Cartoon Network for making this possible!

Posted by Marwan Hesham 2016-06-25

The following document Microsoft MVP consumer security settings and I will be in the future of humanity and I am looking to get a chance

Awesomely funPosted by kaylee looker 2014-11-15

I love the game but someone said it take long to load up and i agree maybe it's because of haveing too much data or maybe something else

Posted by Rogelio Tarin 2014-09-20

I love mixels but every time I try to change them for others it freezes and I have to restart it. PLEASE fix and I will give it 5 stars!

Cant find it on my phonePosted by Mustache Productions 2014-10-07

I cannot find this app on my phone no matter what I do, my phone is on a different email so Im using this one. Can you please fix this?

BEST GAME EVAPosted by the pro gamer 2016-08-18

Omg this game is so fun and a just installed it it was 5£ on my phone and it's free now on my tablet and now it's free on my phone XD

Just saying...Posted by Saba Vachnadze 2016-08-28

Why don't you make "Battle Party" on android? I mean it is a good game on pc, and i hoped it would be available on android too... ^_^

Oh my goshPosted by Jennald Salvador 2016-07-10

Thank you for making it free i wait so long for this app and pls bring back models to cartoon network and into its HD channel as well

Too much fun!!!!!Posted by jose lima 2016-02-27

Adventurous! With action and exploring with many models. You guy outdone yourselves I cannot wait for another update with new tribes!

No displayPosted by Peta Imbrogno 2014-07-09

Got my autistic son a new laser tablet.. game loads then goes to a black screen with sound only... please fix asap.. very frustrating

Too bad!Posted by MLG FACE 2014-07-07

In-app Cubits purchase ended with error, but debit issued. No answer to contacts, no problem solved, no refund. :( Lame Never again!

SUPER FUNPosted by Ronnie Sweinhagen 2016-07-05

I think everyone should download it but there is one problem why can't you play as them in Lego form but only see them in Lego form

Can't download itPosted by Little treecko Gaming 2016-07-03

I played lot of cartoon network but this won I was tempted most i try to download it said need 439 mg but I had already that amount

Awsome not paid any morePosted by H-channel H-channel 2016-06-19

Those who payed for it are UN lucky and great game but so many glitches and crashes when it crashes once my little brother kills me

Crashes immediatelyPosted by Stacey Mckenzie 2015-01-18

Huge disappointment as its unplayable and just crashes within the first 20 seconds before the first level. I have a very upset son!

IT KEEPS CRASHINGPosted by Bella Tomato 2014-04-18

I have an S3 and it keeps crashing, I got it for my lil brother and it crashes before I can even do anything :(. Very disappointed.

Love itPosted by Thuy Nguyen 2016-06-20

This game use to cost money but it doesn't any more. It's just awesome I love the 3D graphics. Actually I rather rate 1,000 stars.

I need to wait 3 hours to download thisPosted by Gabriel Sebastian 2016-07-30

I love it but youl wait 3 hrs. to download it. I just reach 5 stages inthis game but now its even better! I reached more 9 stages

BadPosted by ƬJOHN CENA 2016-08-19

How am i going to upgrade my machines if i cant play and how am i going to get my cubits but i only have 1 cubit left HATE IT!!

MixelsPosted by Melanhy Huerta 2015-02-07

This game is my favorite now I have it purchased and downloaded i have now is I can play everywhere without internet connection

Love it butPosted by Koma Giro 2016-07-03

I love the game it would be a whole lot better with the newest mixels implemented in to the game then I will give it five stars

Anakin yangPosted by Kou Yang 2015-04-26

This game is wicked cool I really like the details on each mixel and my favorite mixel has to be tentro,I really like this game

Good for kidsPosted by Jackson Currie 2014-05-18

This is a great game for kids they all would love it you could lean all about the models and there powers and who they mix with

WatPosted by adeline song 2016-07-29

I downloaded it but after downloading the shortcut neva come out so I check playstore and it neva even install yet pls fix!!!!

Can not playPosted by Dominic Gidzinski 2016-06-29

When I login it automatically kicks me from the game and back to the home screen of my device fix it then I'll give it 5 stars

Posted by Carlos Sepulveda 2015-07-22

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jen Simmonds 2014-10-21

Love this game sooo much... i gave it two stars because for some unknown reason i have had to restart the game twice!! TWICE!

:-( Doesn't Work! :-(Posted by Oisin Mills 2014-06-27

I purchased this game and when I went to play it, it didn't work!! There was a black screen playing music but no picture! :-(

They made it free Posted by Rhyz the video can do 2016-06-25

I can't believe it I wish cartoon network made all their games like that it's so worth uninstalled all this apps and games

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!Posted by James Gibson 2016-06-29

This 3-D graphics with your favorite characters of the Mixels Universe all in one.and I don't love it. IM A ADDICTED TO IT

Posted by super sayan goku 2016-06-24

It take so long to download I thought this game is for $$$$$ but when I want to find any awesome games then I find it free

Posted by Jacob Campos 2015-04-26

Muy desepcionada compre este juego y me dice que no lo puedo instalar que desepcion me siento muy molesto

ProblemsPosted by Koren Actouka 2014-09-11

Too many issues to enjoy. My son is always upset because he has to start all over because it will freeze or just not work.

Posted by Clarissa Tanguma 2014-08-07

I luv the game but sometimes it deletes the memory and I have 2 start all over again from the beginning so please fix that

This game stinks don't play this stupid gamePosted by Khairul Najmi 2016-08-09

This stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this idiot game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's goodPosted by DragonRo4r 5806 2016-07-06

It is good and FREE which I like in games but I have just got this game for funny model amusement (F.Y.I. I am a YouTuber

iHasCupQuakePosted by Lance Gab 2016-07-06

I like the blue and purple they are amazing i make a vidio about mixels mod in mincraft because im a youtuber in mincraft

GlitchyPosted by Amanda Andrews 2016-07-02

After battle it thanks I'm still fighting so I cannot go anywhere and I have to restart and hope it does not glitch again

Mixels are awsomePosted by PUNKDROID Bigelow 2014-09-21

I love it but it sometimes goes black and I have go to home and get back on the game if you fix I will give it five stars

Mixelated AwesomePosted by paul dominique valdevieso 2016-07-23

Awsome and Best Here's The Update For The Game: Add The New Mixels From Mixels Rush And Add Some Out Posts From 3 Tribes

AWSOMEPosted by Brock Shores 2014-11-27

I love this game and i reccomend getting this game and visit my profile because its funny and also ansewer the quistions

No updates!!!!!!!Posted by Bridgette Diaz 2015-09-04

They're is a new mixel game for 2.99 and it seems to be a updated virsion of thos game. Why won't they update this one.

Wouldn't let me play AT ALL!!!!Posted by Sir Willis 2014-04-16

This was So bad, I don't know if I'm gonna buy the other CN games and I'll get a refund on this one unless you fix NOW!

Awesome show and cool game!Posted by Szabolcs Simon-Guth 2014-04-04

Like always, Cartoon Network made an awesome app for Android! Mixels is a funny and awesome show! And this app as well!

STOP CLOSING!!Posted by SUPER PEKKA 2.0 2016-06-30

Well Everytime I get in to the game, and tap the start button, IT CLOSED OUT!!! FIX IT NOW YOU NO GOOD MONEY CRAVERS!!

I like it but problemPosted by Loki Yamat 2014-09-12

I like this game but there is a problem.Everytime major nixel is there he just stay up in the sky but good game though

What a rip offPosted by Ian Dale 2014-08-20

Paid for the game. My boy played for maybe half hour and now it want us to pay for more credits just to play. Just BS.

Posted by DP H 2014-06-14

Congrats you have earned 1 star. Additional stars will be 50 cubits YOU GREEDY MONEYWHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

★FUN - FUNNY - FUNTASTIC★Posted by skulls crossbones 2014-06-08

Graphically stunning! Superb game play. A must have 4 any 1 who just wants 2 b entertained. This is a frown free zone.

I liked the game very muchPosted by 2016-12-30

I llllllliiiiiiiikkkkkkeeeeeedddd iiiiiitttttttt veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh

old mixelsPosted by nixfix 8 2016-08-20

this mixel game does not have the new mixels maybe if you can add the 4s 5s 6s 7s and 8s mixels then i will rate a 5

the magor getting stuck and the mixels getting trapPosted by chris austin daffon 2016-08-16

i love its just the magor keeps on getting stuck and mixels is always getting stuck when i walk into walls and ramp:)

SrslyPosted by radu dinu 2016-06-26

If any of you have a problem dont comment its because you are doing something wrong +you are annoying everyoane else

Posted by Sonny Piers 2014-04-23

Fun game, added mixels voucher codes, not sure what it does. Downloadind zorch and electro instructions doesn't work.

WTFPosted by Tham Kanu 2016-02-04

Ok so..... Why didn't this game get an update. I know mixels rush exist but still. Also to glitchy....THAT'S NICE!!!

Hate itPosted by Theang Mariano 2016-08-26


Best game everPosted by Trisha Bautista 2016-07-19

I love it i love it i love it!!!! Its the coolest game ever you can transform mixels to awesome new and big mixeks

WONT EVEN DOWNLOADPosted by Darnell Daniels 2016-06-26

I tried to download this game for 15 times but it still didn't download if I could rate it 0 stars than I would

Posted by Chris Earey 2015-05-21

I love this game and i want to the seris 4 mixles to be added. Also this is the best game ever it was worth 60p

Love itPosted by troopas 7 2015-02-28

Pretty good I would rate more than 5 if I could it was worth the long download and the money but needs series 4

Great, but please fix some bugs!Posted by Micah Barnes 2015-01-09

Whenever I defend a base, Major Nixel gets stuck in the air. Please have this bug fixed in the Series 4 update.

Buy It today. 'O K P L E A S EPosted by Jacqui Cotter 2015-10-31

This game is sooooo good I am playing it all the time no mean comments on this please andthank you soo much

So AWSOMEPosted by Connor Brook 2014-08-28

this game is to good to resist if your a parent and your child love mixels you should download it for you kid

ERRORPosted by Bonnie Wells 2016-06-28

Is the reason why you made this game free becuse it stinks? BECUSE IT DOES IT WA STEP TO MUCH SPACE! !!!! !!!

MixlsPosted by Angela Hurling 2015-04-18


Argggggggghhhhh!!!!Posted by Simon Pajarillaga 2016-07-20

Hey! Google play store can we download without wifi?! I am tired and upset of wifi connections already!!!!!!

Did not uploadPosted by Brenda Jarski-Weber 2014-06-05

Did not upload correctly, until you can fix this, I want a refund. I will contact FTC unless I get a refund.

Dont download thisPosted by Peter Christian Briones 2015-09-25

I want my money back i played many times and i followed every task and i still didn't get to the next level

Closes all the time.Posted by Jeff F 2014-05-11

Every time I hit play it closes. Considering I paid for this. Its really disappointing to my son. One star.

NEXT UPDATE??Posted by Anthony Miguel 2016-09-05


Mix & mash!Posted by Lakshay Bedi 2016-08-26

It is the most interesting and existing game I played ever because when I play it l don't stop playing it.

Rubbish!Posted by 2016-08-12

At a certain point in the game, you can't play unless you buy more cubits(mixel currency) Do not download!

Posted by Clark Bihag 2016-06-28

This game is so cool because its free if you let cardwars free I will rate five stars on all of your games

WorstedPosted by lewis Bradley 2016-06-19

Every time I get past the text it shoots me out I deleted it as effect Fix I re download and rate all star

love mixlesPosted by Kyle Lemen 2015-03-28

My son loves these thing they keep him busy so i can go cut wood. This game brought mixles to a new level!

MixelsPosted by Dillon Chambers 2016-07-31

When I first tried Calling all Mixels I liked it and I also have next to rush and I'm a big fan of Mixels

cool gamesPosted by RONITUA Silalahi 2016-07-10

this boss nix i can attack him pro like d an max now but it my max power heroic adventure max attack boss

FIX ITPosted by Varohan Rewasanker 2016-06-28

Ok ok it's good but I finished the 1 2 3 levels but the other levels were locked so I'm rating it 1 star

(Do not buy) !!!!!!!!!!Posted by A Google User 2015-09-07

The game said low storage but when n deleted everything of my tablet still not working pleas fix the game

Love love love love love love infinite lovesPosted by Shawn Soucie Jr. 2016-07-07

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it

Thanks for making this freePosted by Ian Gabriel Ravilas 2016-07-01

I really liked this game but I didn't have the money to buy this but now I'm really enjoying this thanks

AwesomePosted by Bryan Rodvold 2016-06-24

It is Awesome I love mixels and this game I love the mixels cartoon too I just love this and the cartoon

This is gonna be awsomePosted by 2016-08-09

I haven't played it yet but I'm so excited and first I had 2 buy it but know there giving it out 4 free

IT DOSEN'T WORK FOR ME!!!!Posted by LordSkullFury Nacua 2016-07-02

When its done downloading it doesen't let me use the app!!! Please fix this and I will chamge my review

AhhPosted by SnotKop IsAwesome 2016-06-29

I just finshed it and it has a error ); Am Very SAD I HAVE TO WAIT AGAIN AND MY WIFI IS SUPER SLOW AHHH

FunPosted by Booster Lucario 2015-11-26

It's a really interesting game, but don't use all your cubits or you can't play the game without paying

AmazingPosted by Jet Ultra 2016-08-16

The game has beautifully made graphics and a great storyline as well as a decent serving of goofiness.

Max,murp,and mixPosted by Evan Shopbell 2015-02-27

Right when I meet flain it kicks me off and I spent $4out of the money iv been saving and I can't play

Will not play!!!Posted by Shellsea G 2014-08-10

Downloaded TWICE both times it would not go past the play button. It kept freezing and kicking us out!

Posted by Donna Cullen 2014-04-16

Ive been charged twice for the down load and its not even installing and theres no regund option ????

I hope will never hackPosted by noorleza tahir 2016-09-12

Hey you now what ?when i want to play,it always go out from the game and you must repair your game ok

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Calling All Mixels on Google Play

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