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HalloPosted by 2016-12-29

If you know mixuls rush tell them that l cryed 1 hour because that it was in my country dad didn't want to go another country dad didn't want to go another country if his work told him that he will go another country without my tablet or mobile thanks for your power every body like mixuls calling all mixuls

Mix!Posted by Laura Gamil 2017-01-09

wow!this game is the best game i played ever and i know many games but this is the best game but it takes a lot time to download if you know minecraft read this this game is better than minecraft

I liked the game very muchPosted by 2016-12-30

I llllllliiiiiiiikkkkkkeeeeeedddd iiiiiitttttttt veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh

MixelsPosted by 2017-01-06

The Mixels are very funny with apps(Calling All Mixels and Mixels Rush)!I❤Mixels

Posted by anshuman sharma 2017-01-05

Hello catoon network you are greedy for money and also massage to solve my problem

Awesome but there is something bad about thisPosted by The talking latias 2017-01-04

Why does it cost so much storage its so much but still the game is really awesome

AmazingPosted by Alec Tay 2017-01-07

From what I remember this used to be paid and now its free I love it so fun

Mixing it upPosted by MR. Bendherdown 2016-12-28

Awesome game love it and if you don't have this game download it. Now chow

Not to badPosted by abi dhupar 2017-01-02

It is fun I really enjoy playing this game please give me a thumbs up.

Worst game everPosted by Jim Keita 2017-01-04

Every time I get to the game it just pauses and goes to home screen

Posted by Julian Diaz 2017-01-03

It used to cost money but on my phone it said it is free

AwePosted by 2017-01-04

I really like this game awesome graphics its like dota

Mixel mixel!!!!!!Posted by 2017-01-11

Mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mixels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not listening anika measrsPosted by Andrewvtufu Loyejygyjc 2017-01-02

It looks so fun probably is ANIKA MEARS.

Posted by 2016-12-31

It is the coolest game I have ever seen

FdxfyiPosted by 2016-12-31

Uhh Car go KAMBILI awunor Car toon Act

Posted by Camille Joy Pineda 2017-01-04

I like da game because i like flain

The greatest game everPosted by Isaac And Nevaeh Brooks 2016-12-30

Awesome thanks for making this game

MicPosted by 2017-01-06

It is the nice game in the world

Posted by 2017-01-01

great mixels there pretty good

Posted by Abdelrahman Elwakeel 2017-01-07

Need more mixils and levels

Posted by The Diamond pigman 2017-01-04

The following Game is cool

YeahhhPosted by jet tucker 2016-12-29

I love this game thank you

Love itPosted by Kenneth Jones 2017-01-08

It's fun for my grandkids

Ok cool thanksPosted by 2017-01-05

I don't know if I love it

Posted by katy duarte 2017-01-05

It can talk me 1minute.

Posted by Javier Garcia 2017-01-02

I love this application

Posted by Shatha Zitawy 2017-01-07

حدث حدث حدث

Yassin AYMAN mohmad saadPosted by yassin mohamed 2017-01-06

Sooooooooooooooo much

Posted by Roy Quick 2017-01-03

Wolf Lodge Coeur Lake

Calling all mixelsPosted by Drake Matheney 2017-01-07

it is awesome!!!!!!!

Now 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017Posted by JuTheKing Windows Yes Apple No 2017-01-07

Thanks Cn I Rate u!

VERY HOTPosted by mazlan mehad 2017-01-01


Posted by 2017-01-06

Its awesome game

Posted by Mohanad Fox 2017-01-01

لعبة جمدة

PjPosted by 2016-12-30

99th Hancock help

MixPosted by Mohd Azmy 2017-01-07

This, is awesome

Posted by foxy anmtronic 2017-01-06

I do not like it

Posted by mrs. Ayaz 2016-12-28

Awsome! Loved it

Posted by Mathew Dubs 2017-01-07

I love mixels!

BestPosted by Adivya Tripathi 2017-01-11

Very nice game

Posted by Diego Alonso Garcia Gorrin 2017-01-07

Pretty goood

MixPosted by 2016-12-31

1 word power

ItsPosted by Rasheida Smith 2017-01-08

Really good

Posted by 2017-01-07

Niece PPP

Takes up to much mbPosted by the mobile gamer 2017-01-01


Posted by Dominic Katipunn 2016-12-31

Cool game

AntonioPosted by Antonio Williams 2017-01-10


Loved itPosted by Amber Reece 2017-01-05

Loved it

HebatPosted by 2017-01-02

Mix cool

Posted by hicham malyot 2017-01-01


Good gamesPosted by Rima Liyani 2016-12-30

Www oooo

Crisis the way you have anyPosted by Pradeep Kulshrestha 2017-01-03


Posted by Mohamed 3adly 2017-01-06


Posted by Ethan Charles 2017-01-06


Just the best game everPosted by Misty Jones 2017-01-06


Best game everPosted by Deonte Horton 2017-01-03


JunPosted by Lisa Herrera 2017-01-10


EwPosted by Emily Mclaren 2017-01-03


MixPosted by Anton Diack 2017-01-08


Posted by Ryan games 2017-08-17

Cool and the fire head one is the best

Posted by 2017-08-17

Can you give me a?

Posted by randomizer boy 2017-08-16

Thanks for fixing the isohu

Posted by Ezra Reeves 2017-08-16


Posted by Mohmed Mahmoud 2017-08-16

لأن التصميم ليس رائع و العبه بتعليق كثير

Posted by Formation 2017-08-16

This game is easy

Posted by Juwita Jati 2017-08-16

Awesome game, my boy like it. But this game need cloud drive for saving game and transfer to another. Please add this feature to this game. Thanks.

Posted by Darius Brown 2017-08-15

The general nixel was laging

Posted by 2017-08-15

Sans vs Sans 2

YoyoyoPosted by joel samoranos 2017-08-14

Posted by Danyel Butcher 2017-08-13


Posted by Daniel Wingfield 2017-08-13

Too long downloading

Posted by Alexander Faranpojo 2017-08-13

Best game on the universe . I love it

Posted by Shelly Musser 2017-08-12

I love it

Posted by ultracoleman 2424 2017-08-12

It's awesome I just don't like how you need to do 4 levels on just one level

Posted by Caden Poolton 2017-08-12

I HATE this game it is the worst game ever

Posted by 2017-08-12

I loved it because it's very nice game

Posted by Gary Seeley 2017-08-11

I like it Its ok

Posted by Muhanad Diab 2017-08-11


Posted by 2017-08-11


Posted by Jakub Janczura 2017-08-11

Do you work today

Posted by 2017-08-11

Yes this game is awesome its cool but keep adding more levels and mixels

Posted by Sweetlummy Okugbawa 2017-08-11

It is awesome get it now

Posted by 2017-08-09

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Coooooooooooolllllllll !!!!!!!!!

Posted by GNM 2017-08-09

Amazing It's good

Posted by ANTHONY LOZANO 2017-08-09

I love this game

Posted by Xavier Champean 2017-08-08

Amazing game to play when on the go.

Posted by Duncan Buckley 2017-08-08

How can I help you to today and I will be in the next week to today and tomorrow

Posted by StarStreamer For The Win 2017-08-08

This game is the best mixel game ever

Posted by Azhani Mogami 2017-08-08


Posted by 2017-08-08

The adventures of mixals

Posted by 2017-08-07


Posted by Emily Tyndall 2017-08-07


Posted by 2017-08-04

Cool Yap

Posted by Thipa NZ 2017-08-03

I love it awesome

Posted by wilma johnson 2017-08-02

Its is cool

Posted by Moose Craft 2017-08-02

Cool game make more

Posted by Tshia Robinson 2017-08-01

It is very cool best game ever

Posted by Arlene Cronly 2017-08-01

i like the graphics make another calling all mixels

Posted by 2017-08-01


Love mixelsPosted by Edge Lordt 2017-07-31

Lov=eeeeeeee mixels

Posted by Jetjet Cap 2017-07-31

Calling all game's

Posted by Tony Fulks 2017-07-31

I love this game

Posted by Taletha Briscoe 2017-07-31

I love it

Posted by macoy francis 2017-07-30

I like walking

Posted by Austin Gosser 2017-07-30

I think it is awesome

Posted by hany elsaid 2017-07-30

Best game ever

Posted by Stearon Christian 2017-07-30

Mixels, I

Posted by Empty Circuit 2017-07-29


Posted by Maximilian Amankrah 2017-07-28

It's fun it's the best and you can mix and max

Posted by Mahmoued Hasssen 2017-07-28


Posted by Kurt Cabase 2017-07-27

I think this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Johnny Luna 2017-07-27


Posted by Celste Bocanegra 2017-07-27

I miss mixels

Posted by 2017-07-27

Excellent details worth playing so much

Posted by aarnav kumar 2017-07-27

Soooooooo cooooool

Posted by Blake McCullough 2017-07-26

it's to much space

Posted by Lela Robinson 2017-07-25

Posted by redd velvet 2017-07-25

i love this game is coll think is relly fun i love this game ilke the graphics

Posted by RingoGames1234 2017-07-24

Crashes on startup

Posted by Anthony Snell 2017-07-23

Cool game

Posted by DonnyTheDonDoner D 2017-07-22

Love the Lego love the game as well

Posted by Zanariah Majid 2017-07-21

Wont let me in after i downloaded it

Posted by 2017-07-21

Isaiah Balderrama

Posted by يسو حبيبي 2017-07-21


Posted by Isaac Ochuru 2017-07-21

I like it cause they have there own special abilities!!!

Posted by Raquel Jackson 2017-07-21

It's GOOD its so cool

Posted by Winnie Rosario 2017-07-20

hate it

Posted by 2017-07-20

Scorpi,s so cute

Posted by yunus abu khalid 2017-07-19

Posted by Yazmin Morejon 2017-07-19

Its amazing game for mixels

Posted by Telma Calles 2017-07-18

I love the mixs and sound

Posted by Vonetta Bain 2017-07-18


Posted by Braxton Breland 2017-07-18

I love mixels is my favorite game and show

Posted by Cameron Hardy 2017-07-18

Make more mods or so

Posted by Michael Brauders 2017-07-17

Best cartoon game

Posted by max piglet 2017-07-17

I love you play store but please give update for marvel contest of champions

Posted by Heather Real 2017-07-16

Where won't open and play

Posted by Karim Amr 2017-07-16

I Make my mobile restart and he write for Mixel Has Stopped

Posted by Rodica Moldovan 2017-07-16

i love it

Posted by Mahmoud Mohamed 2017-07-15

It's the goddess one when I played I was perfectly

Posted by ROBLOXian ArleneAdam 2017-07-15


Posted by 2017-07-15


Posted by Seif Hosam 2017-07-15

It's fun

Posted by Vanilla Donut 2017-07-14


Posted by Jarren Rosadini 2017-07-14

Love it

Posted by Jonquelle Lawson 2017-07-14

So much fun, but it keeps on starting over.

Posted by show4 game 2017-07-14

Super nice game

Posted by Arlan the Gamer Minecraft,Roblox AND MORE 2017-07-14

Bad kinda because i already done it in 2 days but i want to know can there be a free for all mode and defend modes For free for all i want to do collect as many things as you can For defend mode i chose that 10 levels each harder than last with levels 5 & 10 having a boss 3 waves each level and done

Posted by shawn luyaga 2017-07-13

this is so amazing game

Posted by Omar Hany 2017-07-13

Very good

Posted by IrelandMeadow Cantwell YT 2017-07-13


Posted by xgamer 123 2017-07-13

Really additing and fun so much adventure I would recommend this game and the no ads!

Posted by Nolan Seymour 2017-07-13

Super good

Posted by Shirley H 2017-07-13

I love it

Posted by Signal S 2017-07-13

This game sucks every time I enter it they say to me mixels had stopped

Posted by Shakil Khalid 2017-07-13

Ilove this game its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun

Posted by 2017-07-12

I love mixals so I love this game

Posted by the awesome mixels fan 888 2017-07-12

2 words awe some

Posted by 2017-07-12

IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by coolkid45 Awesomerocker 2017-07-11

Game rocks

TALLISPosted by Tallis Cummins 2017-07-10


Posted by M K 2017-07-10

Very nice

Posted by Bladedbrad65 Rodriguez 2017-07-10

Great game

Posted by da boss cool and guys 2017-07-10

To much

Posted by Dustyn Vivian 2017-07-09


Posted by Dean Jr Atalig 2017-07-09

it's so cool

Posted by 2017-07-09

I am so happy that I am playing this game

Posted by Seth Hughes 2017-07-09

: D

Posted by With Mohamed 2017-07-09


Posted by 2017-07-09

Seet app

Posted by 2017-07-08

Of To Go

Posted by Dawson Bochette 2017-07-08

The game is so much fun because you have to defeat bad mixles and save the good mixles

Posted by Jonathan Harrod 2017-07-08

I loved it I love Mixels this game is the bestest game ever made

Posted by Greenknight90 Coopertrooper 2017-07-08

I agree the game needs payment I'm just a kid so it's bad

Posted by walter lopez 2017-07-08

Love It

Posted by 2017-07-08

Posted by Ahmed Khusaibi 2017-07-08


Posted by to kai Cowden 2017-07-07

I love love love love love love love love mixels

Posted by 2017-07-07

I think this is pretty good game

Posted by Oliver Daniel 2017-07-07

I love when they mix and Max

Posted by Rosalyn Detalo 2017-07-07

why do we need to buy

Posted by 2017-07-06

I think its pretty cool

Posted by Skye Lerche 2017-07-06

Love it sub to my chanel Pokemon

Posted by Ahmed Khafagy 2017-07-06

Very good game

Posted by Brighton shakesphere 2017-07-06

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh

Posted by Daisy Estrada 2017-07-06


Posted by 2017-07-06

It is awesome when mixing

Posted by Laura King 2017-07-05

I L.O.V.E the game

Posted by Shacur Ali 2017-07-04

Awesomely Awesome

Posted by Viktor Todoroski 2017-07-04

this game is stupid

Posted by 2017-07-04

Awsome game,loved it

Posted by Aurielle Ballard 2017-07-02


Posted by Marlynn Bohannon 2017-07-02


Posted by Jalyn Brown 2017-07-02

Posted by Ethan Price 2017-07-02

It completely got boring but it's a little fun and interesting but not that much

Posted by Bettye Brown 2017-07-02

My favorite game

Posted by Jesus Vargas 2017-07-02

I don't like it dom

Posted by daniyal IMRAN 2017-07-02


Posted by DJ Jackson 2017-07-02


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