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OpPosted by Point Point 2016-08-21

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A Great gamePosted by Yummyjuice16 is back 2014-11-05

This is a great boredom buster and also a great game if you're a mixels fan. Two problems though, the first problem is that you can't select a mixel when your mixing, and the second problem is that Mixels get stuck in one place when following your other mixels, and when fighting Major Nixel, he gets stuck in the air. The good thing about this game are the music, gameplay, and graphics. This game luckily gets a five stars. Hopefully you guys will fix the bugs.

Mix!Posted by Nicholas Folis 2016-07-17

The most amazing game I ever played in ages! Also, please see if you can make one last minute update concerning about Vulk, Zorch, Volectro, and Teslo upset cutscenes. And please also see if you can add an extra cutscene for unlocking every of the 26 captured mixels. Thanks for the attention and appreciation CN and keep up the good work! And thank you so much for making such a colorful creative amazing super great Mixel game!!!!

Calling all mixelsPosted by Dhana Jacobs 2016-07-28

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it

don't believe the bad reviewsPosted by daimonion sankaita 2014-08-23

Well yes you can pay to get more of the ingame currency if you upgrade your first base when you start the game you can easily get 60 every two hours I've been playing for 3 hours and have yet to buy or need anything extra the game is basically baby's first RTS game but still very fun I haven't completed any world but as of yet I don't see where you need to pay to play so if the game is on so it's a definite buy

Add more elementsPosted by Geramiah Billings 2015-11-23

Like light and dark,animal,nature,undead,weather,rubber, shape shift,legendary, or to make it fun virus,bug,ninja,ghost,angel,demon, mythical, even a god would be awesome your biggest fan Phoenix hopefully you get this message thank you so much for making this game it makes me so happy thanks again for your hard work making this game I will always be your biggest fan of mixel, Thank you.

GOOOODPosted by Brandon Abarca 2016-07-28

It is a good and relaxing game that seems to not use as much cubits (money )than other games. But there are some problems that characters go off screen and you have no choice but to restart the level it gets annoying but is easy to fix.I thought it was well done and is worth it if it is free which at this point is free.

Mix mixPosted by m ishfaq 2016-09-07

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HalloPosted by 2016-12-29

If you know mixuls rush tell them that l cryed 1 hour because that it was in my country dad didn't want to go another country dad didn't want to go another country if his work told him that he will go another country without my tablet or mobile thanks for your power every body like mixuls calling all mixuls

Wahoo!Posted by Zoe Holcomb 2015-04-16

I think the game's rad-fun, fabulous, and everything in between! It bugs once in a while, but I don't care. By the way, I heared they're making a new game for season 2... But you didn't get that from me. Awesome cutscenes, too- I like the look on Zorch's face in Meet The Infernites. :-)

OMFG IDK HOW BUTPosted by Basel Tamem Sakr 2016-06-17


get itPosted by HEATHER LORIMER 2016-01-23

Listen people who are wanting to play this and who have already played it I got to the last land and have every mixel I want to tell you people that that the whole game is possible you guys aren't trying hard enough so get it its fun, unique, and amazing

AwesomePosted by Boycat Mixels, Games, and more! 2014-11-09

I love mixels as a show, as a game, as legos, as EVERYTHING! I just can't stop loving mixels, although there may be a few bugs people mention but, I got this and I'm never getting rid of it. Sometimes its a little fun to restart every once in a while.

The best Mixels game, and please update the game for rescuing more mixelsPosted by Charly 2016-08-12

This game is way too incredible for me. Awesome graphics and music, but there are new mixels that you didn't mention about. Can you update this game featuring all the mixels so far? Thanks for making such a great game like this one.

It's a great game but don't pay for the game go to the chromePosted by Ahmed Abd Ellatif 2016-08-08

Those people who made this great game dizerv 5 stars, go to the chrome and write cartoon network games and press on cartoon network games like Ben 10 .......then search for mobile apps then search for the game and will find it free

Mix!Posted by Laura Gamil 2017-01-09

wow!this game is the best game i played ever and i know many games but this is the best game but it takes a lot time to download if you know minecraft read this this game is better than minecraft

Simply amazing and incredible!Posted by masterofinfinity479 2016-02-16

The Mixels are truly unique creatures, and I love mixing things for special creations. Also I like how you get more cubits without having to pay money (if you're patient), and the codes that come with the LEGO sets really help.

MixelsPosted by Bonze The Horss 2014-08-12


I LOVED ITPosted by Diana Torres 2014-09-27

Right now I'm 10 years old my bigger sister is Diana,the game was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes their was some poblams,but I would give it 1,000,000,000 stars!!I LOVE LEGO MIXELS!!!!And The Game Calling All Mixels!!

This game are really awesome!!!!Posted by Liezel Maceda 2016-07-24

This is an rpg,made from the cartoon network to save all mixels and defeat the madness of mixes,that reminds me that this can be have an internet money so paidfull the cartoon network is.Download this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WooPosted by Jamie Yadouga currie 2016-07-13


Best game ever and its freePosted by Arturo Aranda 2016-07-08

This game is awsome and its my favorait tv show and i wish add like all the mixels pls and that will be cool download this on iphone its free on iphone i pad and other big devices are not only iphones best game ever

This is amazingPosted by colodif the minecraft player or tmp 2016-06-28

Thank you for the creator of this game this is amazing thank you all thia time qlso try to download this game for free but did not work but now its free i tried asking my dad but now but its free thank you i love it

Posted by sharon chambers 2015-02-28

this is really fun I love this game love love love it I just can't wait for the new ones to come out! then this can be a whole lot better, literally and I like mixels more than anybody in the whole world!

I like the game until it...Posted by Matthew Kiefer 2014-06-14

I like the game until it turns to a black screen and shuts down and when it keeps having something pop up on my screen saying (the infernites base is under attack) other then that it's a great game!

FantasticPosted by M Ahmad 2016-06-20

Thank you for putting it free on play store I love you all to make this game The game is really funny and realistic . My son has played this game for the first time and loved it a lot Thank you all

I love mixelsPosted by Faith Adewole 2016-08-09

It is fun to play I loved it I don't yousely play this kind games so it was intrestin I hope you guys love this game too like I did who ever made this game must like to whach mixels just like me

Great as a matter of fact fantasticPosted by Zayd Pasha 2016-09-07

Good I just wish it had more miles plz make more like the shrinksters and they have shrinking powers plz I love the mixels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz do this plz plz plzzzzzz

Super funPosted by Lapis Lazuli fan 2016-06-26

This game is super fun , I have all the mixels avaleble and unlocked all the mixes and maxes avaleble! Now I am working on geting all the stars at every level ! 10/10 in my book ;)

Glad that it became freePosted by Hayyan baig 2016-07-16

In the older version,you had to pay for this game. I was a kid so I couldn't add a debit or credit card. But when it became free i was so happy. Thanks for the update!

An epic game :)Posted by Mary Flores 2015-01-01

It's more cooler than it looks but when u are lowb on cubits u can't play the levels and when those son of guns attack your cubit collectors u can't collect cubits :(

Posted by derek turnbow 2016-08-12

I love this game it is so amazing I love the Mixels they're my favorite games can you guys make more of these on my new phone please and thank you I would love that

It is greatPosted by Ahmed Salama 2016-07-23

But i want to make wrath of psychopes free like this game and please to make the other games from cartoon network free why all the best games must be with money

By Ethan .J.Joseph onlyPosted by Reshma Rajan 2016-07-23

It is a good game and funny game I like the game it is my favourite game that I never played in the world the best game it is a 5 rate game thank you very much

AwesomePosted by noah Hutchison 2014-06-25

Best game ever sense I saw it on TV I wanted a mixels game so now I am so happy to have this game there is no glitch best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AwesomerPosted by Glory Okoro 2015-03-16

This game is so great and is a great boredom buster and is very fun when you get all the mixes mixels and all of the mixel's powers and I have a lot of fun.

MaughamPosted by Teekah Graham 2016-07-30

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Not working!!!!Posted by kody miller 2016-07-07

Hi I need help Everytime I start the first level it closes out and I hope that you can fix the bugs because it has been a while and I want to play it again

Calling All MixelsPosted by Young Nova 2016-06-26

I like this game fighting Nixels finding Mixels and the bosses this is a super game if you plan on the phone it won't glitch that much on the computer

I like the game really fun too BUTPosted by Cory Groff 2016-06-29

Make card wars free PLEASE!!!!I heard it's really fun I'm only 11 and I had the chance to play it on my friend phone and it was the best so please?

5 star high 5Posted by Stephen Brown 2016-07-04

I thought its realy fun no problems I hope you put in season 4 so far ive colected every mixel lego set I love this game. From: your biggest fan.

GamePosted by Nusrat Ali 2016-07-02

I have watched the cartoons of it but now I can EVEN play it at first I saw this game I was byebal and now IT IS FREEEEEE so rate it 5 stars *****

Samsung galaxy S7Posted by Kareem for everything information 2016-07-15

Very very good app now I can mix Mixels I can open alot of mixels with this app I really love it so so much I play it all the time thanks/$#@!

OMGPosted by Samsung Samsung 2016-07-07

When it apeared on tvs i tried to downlownd but it costs real money but now i see it until this day i look again then it came free wooohooo!!!

Best time killerPosted by thegoldminecart /ZiadTDM 2016-06-22

I can't describe how amazing is this game download it good graphics and 3D design is so good download it if you can't download it from aptoide

Some IssuesPosted by ScoutSniper43 Devon Wilson 2014-09-20

My Characters Glomp,Seismo,and Shuff Are Good But Every Time I Try To Change Glomp,Seismo,and Shuff The Game Is Not Responding Please Fix It

Don't agreePosted by Hung Dinh 2016-06-24

I think this is free because they didn't agree with the other people so in apple ipad it cost money to download this but samsung It didn't.

Posted by Ivan Tanev 2014-08-13

Calling all mixels is awesome! I had a little problems at the begining but then i restarted the tablet and now it runs smoothly and cool!

Best app ever!!!Posted by ThatGreenSwagGuy 2016-07-25

I love this app! It gives me some Lego instructions on how to build mixes and mixes! Thank you Cartoon Network for making this possible!

Posted by Marwan Hesham 2016-06-25

The following document Microsoft MVP consumer security settings and I will be in the future of humanity and I am looking to get a chance

Awesomely funPosted by kaylee looker 2014-11-15

I love the game but someone said it take long to load up and i agree maybe it's because of haveing too much data or maybe something else

BEST GAME EVAPosted by the pro gamer 2016-08-18

Omg this game is so fun and a just installed it it was 5£ on my phone and it's free now on my tablet and now it's free on my phone XD

Just saying...Posted by Saba Vachnadze 2016-08-28

Why don't you make "Battle Party" on android? I mean it is a good game on pc, and i hoped it would be available on android too... ^_^

Oh my goshPosted by Jennald Salvador 2016-07-10

Thank you for making it free i wait so long for this app and pls bring back models to cartoon network and into its HD channel as well

Too much fun!!!!!Posted by jose lima 2016-02-27

Adventurous! With action and exploring with many models. You guy outdone yourselves I cannot wait for another update with new tribes!

SUPER FUNPosted by Ronnie Sweinhagen 2016-07-05

I think everyone should download it but there is one problem why can't you play as them in Lego form but only see them in Lego form

Awsome not paid any morePosted by H-channel H-channel 2016-06-19

Those who payed for it are UN lucky and great game but so many glitches and crashes when it crashes once my little brother kills me

Love itPosted by Thuy Nguyen 2016-06-20

This game use to cost money but it doesn't any more. It's just awesome I love the 3D graphics. Actually I rather rate 1,000 stars.

I need to wait 3 hours to download thisPosted by Gabriel Sebastian 2016-07-30

I love it but youl wait 3 hrs. to download it. I just reach 5 stages inthis game but now its even better! I reached more 9 stages

MixelsPosted by Melanhy Huerta 2015-02-07

This game is my favorite now I have it purchased and downloaded i have now is I can play everywhere without internet connection

Anakin yangPosted by Kou Yang 2015-04-26

This game is wicked cool I really like the details on each mixel and my favorite mixel has to be tentro,I really like this game

Posted by Carlos Sepulveda 2015-07-22

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They made it free Posted by Rhyz the video can do 2016-06-25

I can't believe it I wish cartoon network made all their games like that it's so worth uninstalled all this apps and games

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!Posted by James Gibson 2016-06-29

This 3-D graphics with your favorite characters of the Mixels Universe all in one.and I don't love it. IM A ADDICTED TO IT

Posted by Clarissa Tanguma 2014-08-07

I luv the game but sometimes it deletes the memory and I have 2 start all over again from the beginning so please fix that

Mixelated AwesomePosted by paul dominique valdevieso 2016-07-23

Awsome and Best Here's The Update For The Game: Add The New Mixels From Mixels Rush And Add Some Out Posts From 3 Tribes

AWSOMEPosted by Brock Shores 2014-11-27

I love this game and i reccomend getting this game and visit my profile because its funny and also ansewer the quistions

Awesome show and cool game!Posted by Szabolcs Simon-Guth 2014-04-04

Like always, Cartoon Network made an awesome app for Android! Mixels is a funny and awesome show! And this app as well!

★FUN - FUNNY - FUNTASTIC★Posted by skulls crossbones 2014-06-08

Graphically stunning! Superb game play. A must have 4 any 1 who just wants 2 b entertained. This is a frown free zone.

I liked the game very muchPosted by 2016-12-30

I llllllliiiiiiiikkkkkkeeeeeedddd iiiiiitttttttt veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh

SrslyPosted by radu dinu 2016-06-26

If any of you have a problem dont comment its because you are doing something wrong +you are annoying everyoane else

Best game everPosted by Trisha Bautista 2016-07-19

I love it i love it i love it!!!! Its the coolest game ever you can transform mixels to awesome new and big mixeks

Posted by Chris Earey 2015-05-21

I love this game and i want to the seris 4 mixles to be added. Also this is the best game ever it was worth 60p

Love itPosted by troopas 7 2015-02-28

Pretty good I would rate more than 5 if I could it was worth the long download and the money but needs series 4

Great, but please fix some bugs!Posted by Micah Barnes 2015-01-09

Whenever I defend a base, Major Nixel gets stuck in the air. Please have this bug fixed in the Series 4 update.

Buy It today. 'O K P L E A S EPosted by Jacqui Cotter 2015-10-31

This game is sooooo good I am playing it all the time no mean comments on this please andthank you soo much

So AWSOMEPosted by Connor Brook 2014-08-28

this game is to good to resist if your a parent and your child love mixels you should download it for you kid

MixlsPosted by Angela Hurling 2015-04-18


Mix & mash!Posted by Lakshay Bedi 2016-08-26

It is the most interesting and existing game I played ever because when I play it l don't stop playing it.

Posted by Clark Bihag 2016-06-28

This game is so cool because its free if you let cardwars free I will rate five stars on all of your games

love mixlesPosted by Kyle Lemen 2015-03-28

My son loves these thing they keep him busy so i can go cut wood. This game brought mixles to a new level!

MixelsPosted by Dillon Chambers 2016-07-31

When I first tried Calling all Mixels I liked it and I also have next to rush and I'm a big fan of Mixels

cool gamesPosted by RONITUA Silalahi 2016-07-10

this boss nix i can attack him pro like d an max now but it my max power heroic adventure max attack boss

Love love love love love love infinite lovesPosted by Shawn Soucie Jr. 2016-07-07

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love it

Thanks for making this freePosted by Ian Gabriel Ravilas 2016-07-01

I really liked this game but I didn't have the money to buy this but now I'm really enjoying this thanks

AwesomePosted by Bryan Rodvold 2016-06-24

It is Awesome I love mixels and this game I love the mixels cartoon too I just love this and the cartoon

This is gonna be awsomePosted by 2016-08-09

I haven't played it yet but I'm so excited and first I had 2 buy it but know there giving it out 4 free

FunPosted by Booster Lucario 2015-11-26

It's a really interesting game, but don't use all your cubits or you can't play the game without paying

AmazingPosted by Jet Ultra 2016-08-16

The game has beautifully made graphics and a great storyline as well as a decent serving of goofiness.

Please readPosted by Harry Orpwood 2015-05-25

This game is awesome but it should give you a murp and put in the orbitons glowkies and the infnites

Plz add seris 4Posted by Luke Kosmin 2016-07-03

I got everything in the game all the stars and i wish there was orbatroncs infernites#2 and glokies

Posted by Iazer Bwz 2015-09-04

Love the game but the space update is not coming in because there would be two sets of infernites.

mixelsPosted by hashir shahid 2016-07-18

this game is so epic!!?! but warning don't play to much you will remove all the fun and enjoy!!!!

Posted by Ahmed Hmada 2016-07-30

اللعبه جميه جدا و اقوى اندماج اندماج قبيله الكهربيين

Posted by D'Ann Hope 2015-09-03

I played it before and it's fun, but can you update it with the new mixels sometime, if you can?

Amizang!Posted by Ellen Vitug 2016-06-29

Playing as all the mixels and having great challenges is awesome! It's like the show is a game!

Loved itPosted by Jumar Ajijul 2015-04-21

This is up the hook so great game but I can't DOWNLOAD it because I don't have wifi? = ̄ω ̄=

Love mixelsPosted by Trevor Nelson 2014-09-13

Are the best thing that ever happen and I would like it if you fix it it is not respond please

Add new tribesPosted by Wilfred Bremen 2016-09-09

All grown ups do not download childish games anymore you are grown ups I love mixels but yeah

CoolPosted by Jack Kozak 2014-04-11

It`s the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ; ) :)

fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnPosted by Trickkz_101 2014-05-23

iiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee mmmmmmiiiiiiixxxxxxxxeeeeeeellllllllsssssss

I LIKE IT!!!!!!Posted by LpsSnopSnow AJ 2016-08-13


AWESOME!!Posted by MOny moner 2016-08-01

It is the best game that was made by cartoon network and the lego comapany really great job

Calling all mixelsPosted by Aj Sua 2016-06-29

It's awesome.but it needs a update and it will be very very very cool keep up the good work

Yes!Posted by jay francis manalo 2016-06-26

Its for free now I had been wanting to play it for a long time and the gameplay is awesome!

Love itPosted by Poop Adoop 2015-06-15

Really fun I can not wait for the 9 new mixels and can you add king nixel as a boss please?

AwesomePosted by Kevin Henry 2016-07-20

What I like about it about Mixels is that have nice graphic that you can really control it

AwsomePosted by mettaton EX 2016-07-15

I absolutely love this game great characters my favorite mixel is scorpi he is the cutest.

The destoyer legandPosted by Luz Zuniga 2016-07-09

First of all who cares about you second who cares about yor stupid kid last mine is better

please.Posted by Kittyabs951 da gamin tem 2016-07-07

add more elements, make Adventure Time Card Wars and Time Tangle free for a while -thanks

LiesPosted by Stephanie Baker 2016-08-02

Everyone who hates this are liars there just jealous cause there game they made is worse

So Awesome! Posted by Joyce Cho 2014-09-16

I loved this when this game is in 3D version mixels, I also loved that show OH MY GOSH!

Great gamePosted by Joshua Gamez 2014-06-23

This game is pretty good but I recommend putting a training stage to train weaker mixels

Good gamePosted by jason sagrista 2016-06-25

The reason why i installed it is because i liked the show, so i wanted to get this game

AwesomePosted by 2016-08-15

This game is extremely fun and there is better maxes in the game then the movie mixles

Finally freePosted by Blaziken Mask8880 2016-06-20

Thank you google and cartoon network for making the mixel games free they are awsome

Loved itPosted by Ranju Vinod 2016-09-12

Being a mixels fan its a great game for me. Its a must download game for mixels fan

Loved itPosted by Luc Junior Remy 2016-06-21

Nice 3d platforming basis. Kind of acts like Taichi Panda heroes in a kind of way.

A very creative gamePosted by carla donaldson 2016-06-18

Very easy and fun to play good job Lego and cartoon network you make a great team

MixelsPosted by 2017-01-06

The Mixels are very funny with apps(Calling All Mixels and Mixels Rush)!I❤Mixels

A Google userPosted by MP CODBO3 2016-07-15


Didn't pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Greg Brown 2016-07-05

You peeps weren't patient since i'm getting it for free and it's a great game!!!!

So Fun!Posted by Angelica Putri Diandra 2016-06-26

I just watch on youtube thats a great game i donwload it and its free! I love it!

Why is it free ?Posted by Meyraun Cole 2016-06-24

Did you guys want to make this free instead of non-free because I like free games

Best mixels app ever!!!!!!Posted by Kimberly Austin 2016-06-03

Calling All Mixels & Mixels Rush are my two favorite apps in the whole world!

Wached on tvPosted by YOU GUYS BEST AND HI IM TOM hi hi 2016-09-09

Make the epissode that all mixels combine in one cubet agents the giant nix boss

I Loved this gamePosted by Brent Kyle Tumanguil 2016-07-11

Thank you for making this game and add more mixels please cause more the marrier

Posted by Hunter Markavich 2015-04-11

Really good game. Always gets stuck in walls. When will series 4 get on the game

Thank you for not buy this gamePosted by Jeaneth Virgo 2016-06-27

I love this game and i love mixels thank you very much for the game is free now

Mixel gets freezes during gamePosted by Ryan Barnes 2015-01-20

When the mixel freezes it happned with zorch and kraw and krader but good game

Mixels gamePosted by Andrei giant Lazaro 2016-08-26

Awesome game i like mixing mixels and i also watch mixels in tv awesome!!!!!!

Just ratingPosted by Ahmedtamer Taha 2016-07-14

Rating before a game is cool cause you don't get stupid things while playing

I go play with everydayPosted by EmeraldCyan678 2016-06-18

You have to saved these mixels in the game so you're be winning in the game!?

Nexus 7Posted by Henry Millet 2014-04-20

It works on the nexus 7 its really fun for 4 dollars sorry if it doesn't work

Posted by Carla Dalaska 2016-07-29

The only game I play if I could get a chance to see if you want to update it

BestPosted by shenron Mendoza 2016-07-20

It's a long game but i believe it is awesome also can you add in more levels

Posted by Eddie Todd 2016-07-03

What do i do if i buy a mixel set that is not in game yet? I bought the MCPD

THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Ormata. bg 2016-07-01

Теглете или ще направите огромна грешка!!!

GreatPosted by Mor Fall 2016-06-28

Its one of my best games. There 's accualy no probleme at all, its amazing !

Awesome gamePosted by milagros hernandez 2015-06-20

This game is really cool, although you should add the series 4 and 5 mixels.

COOLPosted by SanderVBX951 Ong 2016-08-13

This game is very awesome and it is very cool .THATS WHY I NAME IT COOL LOL

Most awsome game I ever playedPosted by 2016-07-20

I don't care if they don't have series 4-9 I just love the game so much! :D

Brotherly LovePosted by Megan Riding 2014-09-21

They all fight crime and do lots of magical stuff together as a Family. ♡

AmazingPosted by Alec Tay 2017-01-07

From what I remember this used to be paid and now its free I love it so fun

BEST GAME EVERPosted by Jhym Orpiano 2016-07-08


Stupid glitchPosted by daniel deutsch 2016-07-08

I had 22 out 27 mixels but it glitched and made me restart the whole thing

MexelentPosted by Finley Binder 2016-07-07

This is spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it butPosted by dj moody 2016-07-04

This game is awesome but they should add series 4 with the space mixels

GreatPosted by Ashley Hooker 2016-07-02

This is a brilliant game! It's great because my mixels are not disapearing

Posted by Krysta Robles 2016-06-22

it is a amazing and a cool game to play I like the mixels I love this game

Love mixelsPosted by Adam Campbell 2015-05-27

I love all the characters and all the awesome powers of the amazing mixels

Awsome gamePosted by jamblam og 2014-11-02

I haven't seen the show but it was such a good game im going to watch them

Coolest game everPosted by Codi Singleton 2014-06-02

Dude this The best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mixing it upPosted by MR. Bendherdown 2016-12-28

Awesome game love it and if you don't have this game download it. Now chow

Mix and max!Posted by Derrick Mun 2016-07-23

I've been waiting since year 2014 and its free, i was excited about this!

Posted by Samuel Madrigal 2016-06-18

You guys don't know what you mean You need proof I am half way finished

This is ant tastic. Get it?Posted by Rakim Kasusa 2016-06-18

This game used to be about £5.99 but it's finally for free.i am so happy

MIX IT UP!!!!Posted by 2016-08-29

Is like a explode futere oh no I rate know I can't beileve its bautifull

Amazing gamplayPosted by Dayne Owings 2016-08-13

It's so cool for a game like this to have an amazing gamplay style cool!

Yey!Posted by kenneth par 2016-06-26


Calling all mixelsPosted by Manuel Gonzalez 2016-07-08

I like calling all mixels because I like to play calling all mixels...

It goodPosted by Noobin' with Dat One Kid 2016-07-13

I guess... I mean, I love it, but uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.... I don't know!

Best game everPosted by Blades The Bear 2014-11-23

I am a big fan of MIXELS!Thanks to the people that made this game :- )

Great gamePosted by Adrian Hansen 2014-06-20

Great game I play it an my little brother's love play this game aswell

Ahh ASOMEPosted by Pircilla Lee 2014-05-29


UPDATEPosted by Chelzy Anne Dela Cruz 2016-07-01


Gamers mixelPosted by Alinia Aufklarung 2016-06-30

Keren sekali kaya game 3D download mixel untumg banyak mixel karakter

Posted by Chandler Hall 2014-06-27

I loved it but it keeps freezing and it made my tablit freezing up to

koòòoppppppooooooooooppppppppooooppooooooooooooooooooooopPosted by Lesley Thieme 2016-08-29


Cute mixelsPosted by ender man And osalot adventures 2016-07-24

OMG scorpi is so cute and same as zaptor I just love the cute mixels

Posted by سيبrfff لالا 2016-07-10

it sucks it doesn't even work every time I play it go out right away

Posted by Aadan Deosaran 2016-07-01

Thanks alot for making it free. You did a great job making this game

CoolPosted by Mac Rahman 2015-09-21

This is epic i just like all the mixels and it showed me new mixels

AwesomePosted by chapin trex 2014-09-23

I love the tribes the earth tribe omg best tribe get the earth tribe

Coolest game everPosted by Mark Angelo Cabrera 2016-09-11

What the heck, this game is so cool ĺlllĺlllllllllllllooooooooool

Yassin HishamPosted by Yassin Hisham 2016-09-01


GoodPosted by gabriel Rivera rivera 2016-06-30

This game is good next update on this game should have more levels.

Nice charactersPosted by Irfan Iskandar 2016-06-27

I like the characters because it has fire,electrick,ice and more...

#coolest game ever madePosted by Kim Castro 2016-06-23

Last time saw this it has needed to be paid but it's now free coool

Posted by Thokozani Sikhosana 2016-01-04

Awsome I just wish it had a joystick my thumb can't take it anymore

Posted by Shaun Bodily 2014-05-29

Very good my little boy love's this game. Mad on Lego to great game

I will try this game outPosted by Elias Pinto 2016-07-03

Okay I hope you didn't give me something hey honey did you make it

JayzlightnPosted by Jacob Knott 2015-08-21

Love it get the new series of mixels on here this will be the bomb

Needs workPosted by deborah madge 2015-03-01

I think you should add series 4 like you did with series 3,2 and 1

Its legoPosted by kash gameing 2016-07-18

Its a good game I like Lego and you can mix the mixeils i think

omg free on my fathers phonePosted by Evelyn Manabat 2016-07-10

this was my wish but my mother would not allow me ro buy the game

Lovin it!!!!!Posted by kingjane occida 2016-07-05

I love mixels with videogames Im lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by CARLOS III Pestano 2016-06-22

I LOVE IT!!!!love the characters and thank you for making it free

Don`t know how to unlock new worlds but good gamePosted by Darien Tovar 2015-04-25

I don`t know how to unlock new worlds but I still love this game.

Get this gamePosted by clair saxon 2015-04-07

I love this game and if you are a mixel fan perfect game for you

I think mixles is awesomePosted by Devin Cash 2016-02-08

Cool cool cool awesome awesome awesome rad rad rad lolz lolzlolz

THE BEST GAMEPosted by Wafa Atta 2016-09-10

I dont have anything to say but ITS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

Mix and MaxPosted by Marco Berto 2016-09-05

This game is amazing can you make another mixel adventure games

Loved itPosted by Ricky Hs 2016-06-28

This game is so awesome and amazing thanks for making this game

I love itPosted by Erin Dailey 2016-06-27

I got it free and it's amazing it still needs some in proovment

CoolPosted by Nadine Van Onselen 2016-06-25

The game is awesome its stupid because it causes money on ipads

MAX!Posted by 2016-08-27

I almost got it how to play this game im so MIXCITED HAHAHA!!!

GoodPosted by Christian Hernandez 2016-07-01

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Best game ever♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Love it aloutPosted by Olandes Fisher 2016-06-29

I'm never going to uninstall this the mixing and elements nice

Posted by Gorazd Dimovski 2016-06-25

It is awesome game from mixels and it is free now hurry up ;-)

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